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    Access the SWIC VDI from the Web (Workspace ONE)

    Access the SWIC VDI via the web.

    1. Open a web browser (i.e., Chrome, Edge, FireFox) and type (OFF CAMPUS) or (ON CAMPUS). Once the site loads in your browser select the SWIC.EDU domain, and click Next:
    2. Enter your username and password and click Sign In.
      1. Employees use your InfoShare username and password.
      2. Students use your student ID number and eSTORM password.
    3. If you are off-campus, Workspace ONE will use an authenticator app to approve the launch request on your mobile device or it may ask you to enter a token.
    4. After you have successfully authenticated, a list of available resources will be displayed.  To access the desired resource, click the Open link below the resource icon or double-click the icon:

    More Help

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