Blackboard FAQs - Southwestern Illinois College

    What is my Blackboard username and password?

    Your Blackboard username and password are your 8-digit student ID number and your eSTORM password.

    My instructor told me our class is using Blackboard. What does that mean?

    Some instructors will choose to post class documents on Blackboard. You can access the class at Your username and password are the same as your eSTORM username and password.

    Why is my course in Blackboard listed as unavailable?

    Your course in Blackboard will be unavailable until your instructor make it available. Generally, the course will be available to access on or shortly before the first day of class.

    Why does one online course look different from another?

    In Blackboard the instructor has the ability to design the course. Items may appear under different titles and locations. Please take time at the start of your online course to become comfortable navigating in each course.

    What is the Respondus Lockdown Browser?

    The Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that locks down a test in Blackboard. Students will be unable to print, copy or visit another website. Not all instructors will require this testing feature.

    Where can I find the Respondus Lockdown Browser?

    The Respondus LockDown Browser is a free download that is located on the Blackboard login page under System Announcements.

    Where are my assignments listed?

    Assignments are created by your instructor. Your assignment will be a link in your Blackboard course. Please refer to the course syllabus or course schedule for further details, such as due dates, textbook, etc.

    What do I do if I can’t see the links menu in my course?

    If your course menu links have disappeared, click the Hide Menu button located on the far left center of your screen. The button looks like a small tab with a small chevron arrow.

    How do I submit my homework?

    Your instructor will ask you to type in the Submission/Text Editor box, download a file or upload a file. Please read the instructions carefully. If you are typing in the Submission box, you will click Submit when finished. If there is a file to download, it will be located above the Submission box. To attach a file, click the button labeled Browse My Computer to locate and upload your file. Always note where you save a file on your computer.

    To help maintain the formatting of your document pasted in a Submission box, please view the Blackboard student help article, Copy and Paste from Word.

    How do I send my instructor an email?

    In Blackboard, there are two ways to communicate with your instructor: Email or Messages. Messages are internal and only readable within the course. Email allows you to send email to your instructor’s SWIC address from your Blackboard course. Your instructor will need to include a link on the course menu for you to access the email option.

    Remember to activate your SWIC student email account.

    Why is my page not printing correctly?

    If you are using Internet Explorer: Click File at the top of your browser window and select Print Preview. Change the options until the preview displays the page the way you want it to be printed. You can also select Print under the File menu and click Preferences for more printing options.

    If you are using Firefox: Go to the File menu, select Print Preview, then Page Setup. Change the options until the preview displays the page the way you want it to be printed.

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