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    NOTE: This is a one-time process that new students may have to complete to create their eSTORM account.

    If you don’t know if you need to complete this step, or need help, contact the Technology Assistance Center.

    If you already have an eSTORM account, and need help resetting your eSTORM password, please click HERE.

    How do I create my eSTORM account?

    You will need your student ID, Social Security number (SSN) and date of birth (DOB) to create your eSTORM account. For help retrieving your student ID number, click here.

    1. Go to
    2. Click on the Sign In tile
    3. On the popup, click on “New User?”
      1. Enter your Student ID, SSN and DOB
      2. Check the Electronic Signature box
      3. Click on Validate My Information
    4. Once you receive the message your account has been created, click the Sign In Homepage button (upper left)
    5. Click the Sign In tile
    6. Your User ID will be your student ID number
    7. Follow these steps to enter your default password into the password field:
      1. Step 1: Enter a dollar sign “$” and a CAPITAL “W”
      2. Step 2: Enter the last four digits of your SSN
      3. Step 3: Enter your two-digit birth month, then your two-digit birth day
      4. Example: If your SSN is XXX-XX-6789 and your date of birth is March 1, your password would be: $W67890301
    8. Click Sign In
    9. You will be told your password is expired; click the link to change your password
    10. You will be asked to fill out security questions:
      1. Answer at least 4 questions
      2. Click Save, at the bottom of the page
    11. You will be on the Password Change page; make sure you accept the Terms & Conditions
    12. Retype the default password in the field that says Current Password (example: $W67890301)
    13. Create a new password, then re-type this new password in the Confirm Password field
      1. Password requirements for eSTORM are as follows:
        1. Must be between 8 and 16 characters long
        2. Your password should be a combination of letters and numbers
        3. You will need one of the following special characters:
             !   @    #   $   %   *   (   )   ?   _
        4. May not contain part of your name or student ID number
    14. A pop-up box will let you know if the password change was successful.  Click Yes to continue to the homepage.
    15. Changing your eSTORM password will also change your email, Brightspace, SWIC Alert and campus Wi-Fi passwords

    I’ve created my eSTORM account, now what?

    The following is suggested by the Technology Assistance Center to help students with their technology questions. Please make sure you are following up with other departments as needed.

    Login to your Office 365 account (email, Teams, etc.)

    Click HERE for information about your email account, including login information. You can also click the blue envelope icon in the upper-right corner of or eSTORM.

    Remember to check your SWIC student email frequently!

    Click HERE for information about Teams.

    Login to Brightspace

    Brightspace is SWIC’s learning management system. Instructors will use Brightspace to create assignments, class materials, etc.

    Other Items

    Click HERE for information on how to set up your SWIC Alert account.

    If you plan to be on campus, click HERE for Wi-Fi information.

    Check your To Do List, in your eSTORM Student Center.

    Where can I find more help?

    Click HERE to contact the Technology Assistance Center.

    Search this website, or click the “?” icon in the upper right corner of this website for online help.

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