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Employment opportunities

Occupational Outlook
Occupational Outlook

A variety of careers are open to students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in history including

  • Teacher
  • Archivist
  • News analyst
  • Journalist
  • Museum curator
  • Historical preservationist
  • Law
  • Government
  • Foreign Service
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Career Outlook

The U.S. Department of Labor 2020-30 Occupational Outlook Handbook projects employment of Historians to increase by about 5 percent. For further information regarding the field of history, please go to the Occupational Outlook Handbook.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics report the median annual wage for Historians was $63,940 in May 2021.

So What Can You Do?


Need to be able to construct arguments based on historical data and analyze large amounts of information.

Requires a JD degree. Salary range: $57,4300-$208,000 or more.

Research Analyst

Publications, film, radio, TV, and businesses often need employees who can research stories, perform market research, and check for accuracy.

If interested in market research, some marketing training is necessary. Salary range: $36,463-$122,770.

Editor, Journalist, or Writer

Historians know how to research, collect information from a variety of sources, and ensure accuracy. They also are adept writers.

Double majoring in English or Communications may be helpful. Salary range: $30,520-$118,760 or more.


Historians have a passion for storytelling. They can create period films and documentaries based on their own research or help with historical accuracy on another’s film.

Double majoring in Communications is recommended. Salary range: $33,730-$164,290 and more.

And Then There Are Whole Fields That Want Historians

Banking and Finance: review historical trends, analyze and interpret past trends, and make predictions

Government: Conducting research, preparing reports, and arguing points intelligently are valued. Intelligence officer, lobbyist, urban planning and more.

International relations: Historians understand how history’s economic, political, religious, and social events shape the current world. Work for government, private companies, international organizations, and more.