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For information about any of our services for employers, please call 618-222-5562, or email us at careerservices@swic.edu.

On Campus Recruiting

A great way to advertise and market your growing company is by setting up a recruitment table on campus!

Employers can choose between any or all of our campus locations, and have the options to choose their date, time, location and other table preferences. This is a great opportunity to catch student’s as they pass by and let them know about your open positions.

Simply fill out the form below and email it back to careerservices@swic.edu and we will email you back confirmation of your event!

The Talent Partnership

Like many businesses and employers across the nation, you are likely experiencing an extreme shortage of available, well-trained, and conscientious employees. This problem we all share creates the necessity for private and public organizations to act collaboratively to expand the pool of eligible workers.

As one of the largest career training providers in the metro-east region, Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC) strives to serve as a connecting point for businesses, government, civic groups, workforce agencies, educational organizations, and social services entities to have frank and wide-ranging discussions on workforce development strategies that work for employers and job seekers alike.

We invite you to join the conversation as a member of The Talent Partnership at SWIC, formerly the Career Advisory Board. The Talent Partnership will gather input and feedback from employers to use in evaluating our current programs and initiatives; offer information and resources on local, state, and national trends for effective workforce development; and provide opportunities to network and form meaningful professional and personal relationships.

If you or someone in your organization is interested in participating—and we hope you are—please complete the form below and email back to michael.conley@swic.edu

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

Employers get improved access to skilled workers in or coming out of the WIOA program, and are better able to compete in today’s global economy. Benefits to employers include increased competitiveness, improved productivity, and impressive employee retention rates.

See the document below for more employer opportunities! Contact Brooke Taylor at 618-222-5553 or wioaservices@swic.edu as well visiting www.illinoisworknet.com/training for additional information on how your business can benefit from this opportunity and others like it.

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