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Kara Ann Meyer

Congratulations Kara Ann Meyer!

Graduation Statement

“Three years ago, I began my SWIC journey at the age of 22. Along the way I learned so much, met incredible people, had unforgettable experiences and wonderful opportunities.

I got the chance to tutor my fellow students at the Success Center and I was able to join the STEM Scholars program which was such an honor to be a part of.

I became close to many professors along the way but I would like to give thanks to three professors in particular: My assigned faculty mentor for the STEM Scholars program, Connie Park, who always gave me a shoulder to cry on; my computer science professor, David Collins, who has dedicated so much of his time to helping me succeed over the last two years; and my supervisor at the Success Center, Dean Schwarz, who always supported me in any way he could.

There are many other professors who have made a tremendous impact on my life: Dr. Carmen Shepard, Dr. Tim Grant, Dr. Garry Ladd, Kristen Ruppert-Leach, Tracey Hayes, Joy Branlund, Jennifer Simonton, Keven Hansen, Chris Farmer, Diana Umali, and Van Plexico.

I am very sad that my time at SWIC has come to an end. I look forward to moving on to SIUE in the fall and working towards my bachelor’s degree in computer science. I will always cherish the friendships and memories I made here at SWIC. Thank you to everyone who was a part of my journey.” -Meyer

Belleville, IL

Kara Ann Meyer

In the degree of

Associate in Science