Victoria Smith - Southwestern Illinois College

Victoria Smith

Congratulations Victoria Smith!

Graduate statement

“17 yrs after not graduating b/c i got pregnant and had a tough pregnancy, I decided to try for my GED. I started taking one test per week.

I took my last test Feb. 27th. I passed all of them on the first try. Me and my eldest baby, the very one that hindered me from graduating, were set to graduate days apart. COVID_19 shut everytime down just weeks after me passing.

Both of our graduations were canceled. But no one can take away the fact that I made my children even more proud of their mother and i raised my baby to do something I didn’t. She graduated with determination.

Thank you SWIC for giving me the opportunity. Thank you to every instructor that came in contact with me and told me they had absolute faith in me.

But especially thank you Gina Hamm for that push to get it done. I wouldn’t’ve gotten it done before the Coronavirus hit had it not been for you pushing me to get it done.”

Victoria Smith

is awarded this certificate for completion of the

High School Equivalency Program