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Graphics Design Certificate (074A)


The graphics design program offers an online certificate option as well as the traditional on-campus classroom format. The certificate curriculum is below. The online certificate can be achieved by taking these courses through a combination of online and hybrid courses.

Courses that are offered in a hybrid only format are noted with an asterisk (*).

CATALOG YEAR: 2020-2021

Total Credits:   24
Course Number Course Description Credits
CIS 147 Fonts & Type 3
CIS 168
ART 111
Graphic Design OR
Basic Design
CIS 171 Computer Graphics 3
CIS 172 Photo Manipulation 3
CIS 174 Web Fundamentals I 3
CIS 257 Electronic Publishing 3
CIS 259 Current Web/ Graphic Technology * 3
CIS 272 Photo Manipulation II 3

Prerequisites may be required for some courses. Refer to the Course Catalog or Class Search link in eSTORM for a full course description.