Accelerated Degree - Southwestern Illinois College

Thank you for your interest in the accelerated degree program at Southwestern Illinois College. This is a fantastic opportunity for those who already have an associate’s degree or higher. You will be able to complete your degree in one of the following options for only 27 credit hours or nine classes. You will also be able to choose which classes you think will fit most into your development and career path. The four degrees you may choose from are Computer Information Systems with Emphasis in Web Development, Computer Information System with Emphasis on Software Development, Graphic Communications with Emphasis in Web Design, and Graphic Communications with Emphasis in Marketing. Once you know you qualify you will follow the steps below:

1. You will send these transcipts to enrollment and apply to the program . After you have been accepted and have a student ID then you are ready to fill out the accelerated degree form. 

2. Complete this form: CLICK HERE FOR FORM.   You must select at least nine courses to equal 27 credit hours. You can select more courses if you want.  You have four-degree options: Graphic Communications/Emphasis in Web Design, Graphic Communications/Emphasis in Marketing, Computer Information Systems/Emphasis Web Development, and Computer Information Systems/Emphasis Software Development. Note that these classes CAN be changed after the first semester. If you decide to add or change courses we will just refill out this form and submit it.       

3. See THIS COURSE LIST  or when courses are offered and what platform (note some courses are only offered once a year). Please note some courses may have prerequisites (make sure to include those classes on your form as well) – See SWIC Catalog for prerequisites for courses.

4. If you need help or guidance on which classes to pick please contact me and I would be happy to discuss. Here are a few plans I would recommend: 

Graphic Communications: CIS 147, CIS 168, CIS 171, CIS 172, CIS 257, CIS 174
Web Designer: CIS 147 or CIS 168, CIS 171, CIS 172, CIS 174, CIS 176, CIS 177, CIS 180
After those core, you can look more detail in video classes (CIS 230 and CIS 273), more design (CIS 257, CIS 272), more web design (CIS 259, CIS 212), marketing/social media (MKT 226, MKT 228 and MKT 227)

Web Development: CIS 174, CIS 180, CIS 187, CIS 256, CIS 259, CIS 274, CIS 277, CIS 287, CIS 288
Software Development: CIS 165, CIS 178, CIS 180, CIS 246, CIS 252, CIS 262, CIS 263, CIS 264

5. After completing it, please send it to me at Please note after I sign it then will go to the dean and chief academic officer to sign. After it will go to enrollment to be entered into your estorm.

6. I do not get any confirmation back after it has been entered in estorm or where it is after it leaves my office. Please check your estorm in a couple of weeks and make sure you see your degree plan. If not, please contact me so I can track it down.                     

7. Any other questions, please ask – Nikki – / 618-222-5382 / IS 2108 office.