General Education Core Curriculum Requirements - Southwestern Illinois College

Students completing the following general education courses will be considered as having met the Illinois General Education Core Curriculum at SWIC. The list of courses is effective as of February 2007; check with a SWIC Advisor for updated information or check the IAI web site for updated listings at SWIC and the 100+ other Illinois institutions that are IAI participants.

Educational Guarantees

Southwestern Illinois College issues educational guarantees applicable to graduates of the Associate in Arts, Associate in Fine Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Engineering Sciences, Associate in Applied Science and career certificate programs, subject to specific conditions and program approval. Transfer program guarantees assure the student that approved courses will transfer to the four-year institution chosen by the student. Occupational guarantees assure the student and employer that a graduate has learned entry-level skills. Further information is available through SWIC Advising for programs covered by the educational guarantee.

College Transcripts

Official SWIC transcripts may be requested from Enrollment Services, provided financial obligations to the college have been fulfilled. Learn how to request an official transcript.


Illinois State ROTC Scholarships

Three state ROTC scholarships per year are available to SWIC students transferring to eligible four-year institutions. The scholarships are awarded after the student transfers to a four-year institution. The scholarships cover tuition for as long as the student remains enrolled in ROTC. They can be given to students who are Illinois residents, attend a state land-grant school, and have demonstrated leadership ability (e.g., the ACT).


Contact the Director, Financial Aid and Student Employment Office for further information.