Sexual Assault Awareness Education - Southwestern Illinois College

Facts About Sexual Assault/Rape

Sexual assault is unwanted, nonconsensual sexual contact including … touching, penetration by a person or object either vaginally or anally, and oral sex. It also includes forced touching of another’s body.

Rape is a specific form of sexual assault that includes sexual intercourse without consent.

Date/Acquaintance Rape is still rape. It is non-consensual sexual activity between people who know one another on some level, and where consent for sexual activity was not given, or was given under duress.

Date Rape Drugs such as Ketamine, GHB, and Rophynol are sometimes used to keep a person from resisting, or even to render the victim unconscious.

Consent is when a person says yes or freely, and actively, participates in the sexual act. Consent cannot be given under pressure, out of fear, or when you/they are not fully aware of what is going on – like when a person has had too much to drink or has used other drugs. In Illinois, 17 years old is the age of consent. Consent can be withdrawn at any time during an act.
Silence is not consent.

Sexual Assault is violence. It is not about sex; it’s about power and control over another person.

What do survivors need to hear?

  • What do survivors need to hear?
  • It’s not your fault!
  • It’s not what you wore!
  • It’s not what you said!
  • It’s not what you drank!
  • The perpetrator chose to commit this crime!
  • What can survivors do?
  • Get Medical Care After an Assault
  • Be examined for physical injury and possible sexually transmitted infections. The examination also provides an opportunity to
  • Discuss options for counseling and pregnancy prevention.
  • Two important things:
    • Don’t shower or bathe before the physical exam.
    • Place clothing worn during the assault in a paper bag – to be used for evidence in case you ever decide to take legal action.
  • Medical evidence that supports a case is best collected within 72 hours of an assault.
  • Call someone–a friend or family member and/or …
  • Call one of the numbers below and ask for a sexual assault
  • Counselor or a rape survivor advocate to talk to, or be with you
  • At the hospital and walk through things with you–for support
  • And to be sure you are treated well.
  • FYI, the hospital or attending physician is required by law to notify the police, but the survivor decides whether to talk with the police or to press charges.
  • You do have the option to only report the incident for police or public records without pressing charges.

On-Campus Resources

  • Wellness Services
    Belleville Campus
    LA Building – Room 2014
    618.235.2700 ext. 5290
  • Title IX Co-Coordinators

    Danielle Chambers
    Chief Student Services & Development Officer
    618.235.2700 ext. 5566
    Belleville Campus ISB Room 1152
  • Jeannie Sommer
    Human Resources
    618.235.2700 ext. 5566
    Belleville Campus Main Complex Room 1246

Off-Campus Resources with 24-Hour Hotlines

Call For Help Inc.
Sexual Assault Crisis Services
St. Clair/Monroe/Randolph Co
9400 Lebanon Road
Edgemont, IL 62203

Sexual Assault Crisis Services
Madison County
2421 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 103
Granite City, IL 62040

Sexual Assault Crisis Services
East St. Louis Satellite Office
4601 State St., Suite 270
East St. Louis, IL 62204

On-Campus Public Safety

• Belleville Campus, ext. 5221
• Sam Wolf Granite City Campus, ext. 7372

Local Police Agency


Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault (ICASA)

217-753-4117 or