Crime and You - Southwestern Illinois College

The DPS emphasizes preventing crimes and violations of policy and providing educational services to the college community. However, all duties related to the enforcement of the SWIC Student Conduct Code and Illinois Criminal and Traffic Codes are also the responsibilities of the DPS.

The department will give timely notice to the college community of known crimes on and near the campuses that pose an immediate threat to its members and visitors. You play a critical role in preventing and reducing crime in our college community. The key to crime prevention in the SWIC community is a continuous, active role taken by you regarding your personal safety and security. You should function responsibly concerning your personal safety, your personal property and college property entrusted to your care. Do not allow yourself to be found or placed in a situation that leaves you vulnerable to possible bodily harm. Be alert to and aware of your surroundings. Report suspicious people and activity immediately. Secure your car, office and other property, and protect them from possible theft or damage by others.