Traffic Code - Southwestern Illinois College

Operation of Vehicles

The provisions of the Illinois Vehicle Code 110 ILCS/805 Higher Education Act as well as SWIC Board Policies are applicable to all vehicles operated on the campuses of Southwestern Illinois College. It is a violation for any operator to fail to comply with the provisions of the Illinois Vehicle Code, ILCS 625, or the provisions contained within this SWIC Traffic Code. An Illinois Traffic Citation and Complaint, Illinois Non-Traffic Complaint and/or SWIC Violation may be issued to anyone violating these provisions.

Operating a vehicle on the campuses of Southwestern Illinois College is a privilege. Southwestern Illinois College reserves the right to withdraw that privilege from those who violate the established traffic laws and rules while on campus.

The following provisions apply to all vehicles:

All operators, regardless of type, shall obey all traffic control signs, directions, signals and/or voice commands given by a member of the Public Safety department, civil law enforcement officers or emergency personnel. Operators shall use directional signals as required by the Illinois Vehicle Code. During periods of darkness and when raining, headlights shall be on. Vehicles shall not be driven in excess of posted speed limits. Operators must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and in the driving lanes of parking lots. Vehicles will be operated in a safe and careful manner at all times. Operators are strictly forbidden from: Allowing another person to sit on or hang from a vehicle while the vehicle is in motion. Passing another vehicle in motion on any road or in a parking lot. Spinning, smoking or squealing of tires.

Accidents and Abandoned Vehicles

Accidents – Operators involved in an accident and/or witnesses to an accident on campus are to report the circumstances of the accident to the respective campus Public Safety department or, at the Red Bud Campus, Administrative Office and/or Red Bud Police Department as soon as possible.

Abandoned Vehicles – Operators must notify the respective campus Public Safety department or, in Red Bud, the Campus Administrative Office, prior to abandoning a vehicle for any reason on campus.

Inoperable vehicles will not be parked on roadways or the shoulder of any roadway so as to impede traffic flow without permission of the respective campus Public Safety department or, in Red Bud, the Campus Administrative Office. Vehicles abandoned in excess of three (3) days may be towed at the owner’s expense. The disposition of abandoned vehicles will be in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 4, Article II, of the Illinois Vehicle Code.

Public Safety Services

The Public Safety office provides vehicle assistance programs, such as jump-starts and access to locked vehicles, at no charge. Southwestern Illinois College does not assume any liability for personal property damage when providing requested services. Vehicle access and jump-starts will not be conducted unless the requestor completes and signs a release of liability waiver. Anyone requesting a vehicle jump-start or access must possess a valid driver’s license as well as have valid registration on the vehicle they are requesting assistance with. SWIC is not liable for the theft/damage of personal property associated with parking on SWIC properties.


In the interest of protecting all of those who visit the college campuses, it is absolutely necessary for drivers to strictly obey posted speed limits and always drive at a speed that is prudent and safe for the existing conditions.

The maximum speed limit within parking lots on SWIC campuses is 10 mph unless otherwise posted. Drivers may proceed at the maximum allowable speeds only under safe conditions.
Care must be taken when driving in the parking lots. The presence of pedestrians walking between parked cars, cars exiting parking spaces, and obstructed vision when making turns at the end of rows of parked cars make the parking lots particularly prone to accidents.
Drivers must be aware that there may always be dangers present due to pedestrians, traffic, weather or conditions of the road and/or parking lot surfaces.

Parking Permits

Parking is by permit only and parking permits are mandatory for all students, faculty and staff. The Public Safety department issues permits. All permits are free of charge. Permits remain the property of Southwestern Illinois College District No. 522. In order to obtain a parking permit, you must possess a valid driver’s license and indicate you have proper insurance IAW state requirements.

Faculty and Staff Permits – Faculty and staff parking permits are required for parking in those parking spaces reserved for members of the faculty and staff. Those eligible to receive faculty and staff parking permits include full-time faculty and staff, part-time faculty and those part-time staff whose normal work week is at least 30 hours. Faculty and Staff permits are valid for the duration of employment. Student workers are considered students, and therefore are only issued student permits. Contracted faculty members are entitled to faculty/staff parking permits with approval from their Dean or Vice President.

Student Permits – Student permits will be issued to students and part-time staff not eligible for faculty and staff permits. Student permits are valid for the period registered as a student.

Temporary Parking Permits – Temporary parking permits are available for students, faculty, staff and visitors who require a parking permit for periods up to a year. Departments that are sponsoring a visitor must provide a description of the vehicle, name of the visitor, purpose and duration of the visit. Temporary handicap permits can be obtained through Public Safety but must be supported by medical doctor’s orders.

Special Permits –

Metro: Per the Bi-State Development Agency (Metro), St. Clair County Transit Authority and Southwestern Illinois College Agreement, Belleville Campus, Lot M-2 overflow is designated as MetroLink/MetroBus overflow parking.
Executive Staff Parking (BC): Special permits are issued by the Vice President for Administrative Services to the trustees, the president, president’s staff, board appointees and such other persons as directed by the president, for parking in any parking spaces, subject to the restrictions applicable to handicapped parking.
Dinner Auction: Special Dinner Auction permits are issued annually with the approval of the Director of Public Safety. The permit must be displayed when parked in the designated parking space.

Displaying Permits – The permit for automobiles is a vinyl decal that must be affixed to the inside lower left corner of the rear window. The permit is easily peeled off and will not damage the defogger. Where affixing to the rear window may not be possible (convertibles, etc.) or if the window is darkly tinted the permit may be displayed in the lower right (passenger side) of the front windshield. Temporary permits must be displayed in the lower right (passenger side) of the dashboard. Motorcycle parking is allowed in parking spaces or end caps as long as the flow of traffic is not impeded. Disfigured or non-readable permits must be replaced.

No Parking Areas

The following areas are designated as no parking areas:

  • On any sidewalk.
  • On any grass area.
  • In front of or in a manner that restricts access to a fire hydrant.
  • In a manner that blocks, restricts or impedes full exit and/or entry of any door.
  • On any athletic field or area designed for athletic events only.
  • In a manner that blocks or restricts use of wheelchair ramps.
  • On any roadway or shoulder of any roadway unless so directed by a member of the Public Safety department.
  • In any designated reserved spaces, unless authorized by the State of Illinois, SWIC Public Safety or other authorized credentials.
  • During an emergency, in any manner or area that restricts or impedes use or movement of emergency equipment or vehicles.
  • In any manner or area not designated as an authorized parking space.
    Handicap striped area (see handicapped parking violation).
  • Building circle drives, except to drop-off/pick-up, unless authorized by SWIC Public Safety.

Parking Areas

Authorized parking areas are established on each campus.

  • Handicapped Parking: Spaces are posted as handicapped parking only. Vehicles parked in handicapped parking spaces must display the Secretary of State-issued handicapped license plate or handicapped parking card, or temporary handicapped permit issued by the Department of Public Safety.
  • Faculty and Staff Parking: Signs designate the reserved parking for faculty and staff.
  • Belleville Campus: Posted signs or pavement painted signs designate reserved parking for Faculty/Staff.
  • Sam Wolf Granite City Campus: Posted signs designate reserved parking for Faculty/Staff.
  • Red Bud Campus: There is no reserved parking for faculty and staff.
  • 30-Minute Parking: Spaces are posted with 30-minute parking only signs.
  • Visitors Parking: Will be in designated parking for non-students and/or non-employee or by special parking permit issued by the Public Safety Department. Visitors parking also include the Starbucks parking located in the LAC.
  • Executive Parking Area: Trustees, the President, President’s Staff, Board Appointees and such other persons as directed by the President, have been exclusively issued/allocated the spaces within the Eastern portion of the M-4 Circle Drive parking area on the Belleville Campus.
  • Sustainability/Green Parking Spaces (Green Striping): The LAC has designated Electric Vehicle Charging Stations which are open to the public, however, overnight parking is not allowed, unless the owner is an employee.
  • RideFinders/Carpool Parking: Parking spaces have been reserved on the Belleville and Sam Wolf Granite City Campus for vehicles registered in the RideFinders program. Must have a valid RideFinders Parking Permit to utilize the carpool parking spaces. To obtain a permit, submit a carpool registration form by visiting
  • Dinner Auction: Special Dinner Auction permits are issued annually with the approval of the Director of Public Safety. The permit must be displayed when parked in the designated parking spaces.

Traffic Citations, Fines and Collections

Traffic citations and complaints are issued to violators as official notifications of violations. The registered owners (for vehicles without a parking permit) and the registered operators (for vehicles with a parking permit) are responsible for violations involving their vehicles when the identity of the actual operator is unknown.

Fines are levied as prescribed below:

SWIC Non-Moving Violations except Handicapped Parking: $15

SWIC Handicapped Parking Violation (to include handicap striped area):

$250 (Misuse of handicap permits may also be pursued through Non-Traffic Complaints)

Illinois Traffic Citation and Complaints: Fines are established according to the Illinois Vehicle Code.

Payment of Fines for SWIC Violations: Fines are payable by mail or in person to the college business office or, in Red Bud, at the campus administrative office.

Payment of Fines for ILCS Violations: Accordance with court order fines/fees to the respective County/City Judicial System.

Non-Payment of SWIC Fines: Unpaid fines may result in the withholding of college services such as transcript requests, release of final grades and, when applicable, paychecks.

Non-Payment of ILCS Violations may result in a warrant being issued.


SWIC Violations are only issued for clear violations of the Illinois Vehicle Code and this SWIC Traffic Code. Recipients of citations may have the issuing officer’s decision reviewed if they have reason to believe that:

The citation received is not a violation of the Illinois or SWIC Codes.
Sufficient mitigating or extenuating circumstances existed at the time of the violation to warrant a review of the issuing officer’s decision.

To initiate an appeal, the recipient of the citation must submit a written request for review of the citation to the respective campus supervisor of Public Safety or, in Red Bud, the campus administrator within thirty (30) days of the date of the violation. The supervisor or administrator will review the appeal. In so doing, the supervisor or administrator will consider the circumstances and all of the available information from the appellant and the issuing officer. The appellant will be notified of the decision via mail.

The appeal denial may be submitted to the Director of Public Safety within 15 days of the appeal decision. The decision of the Department of Public Safety may be appealed to the Southwestern Traffic Appeal Board within thirty (30) days of the decision by the Director of Public Safety. The Board will consist of at least one college administrator, one instructor and one student representative. The Appeal Board shall meet to consider appeals when requested by the Director of Public Safety. The Board will have the authority to hear testimony from the appellant, the issuing officer and all other persons deemed necessary to render a fair and impartial decision. The Appeal Board will inform the appellant in writing of the decision. When the decision of the Appeal Board is that the appellant is to pay the fine, the cost of the fine will be as set forth in the SWIC Traffic Code. The amount of the fine is determined by the offense and will be based upon the date that the written appeal is received by the Public Safety supervisor. Illinois Traffic Violations must be appealed during the initial court appearance.

Comments, suggestions and recommendations regarding the SWIC Traffic Code are encouraged and should be addressed to the Director of Public Safety, Southwestern Illinois College.