Crime Prevention Services - Southwestern Illinois College

SWIC provides a number of services through the DPS to inform students and employees about campus security procedures and to assist them in providing security for themselves and their property. Some of these services include: engravers, escort services, and public safety awareness/prevention presentations.


The DPS has engravers available and will assist in marking property for later identification and to preclude theft.

Escort Services

The DPS will provide personal escort service on campus to any person who feels threatened or apprehensive. A DPS officer will escort you from one building to another on campus or to your vehicle in a campus parking lot. To obtain an escort, contact the DPS at the appropriate extension for your campus location.

The dispatcher will ask for a callback number. This ensures that if an emergency arises, the dispatcher can call you back and advise you how long it may take for the escort to reach you.

This service is provided when the DPS is staffed at the specific campus (Belleville or Sam Wolf Granite City Campus).

Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to walk in pairs or with a group during hours of darkness, specifically at the PSOP branch office, the Fire Science Center, Off-Campus Sites, and Red Bud Campus.

Public Safety Awareness/Prevention Presentations

The DPS schedules awareness presentations on each campus at least once a semester, primarily through Student Orientation programs, CHOICE (Choosing Healthy Options Involving Community Education) Team programs, SWIC’s Speakers Bureau, Community Service Activities (CSA) and other programs as requested. An informational flier and/or electronic notification will announce all scheduled presentations. Additional classes will be offered through the CSA program, “Classes in Your Community.”

The CSA calendar is published each fall and spring semester and is offered based on community interest, while the Speakers Bureau schedule is published annually.

The DPS personnel also are available on request to address student organizations or other groups within the college community on the following crime prevention programs.

Sexual Assault Prevention

The DPS, in coordination with the SWIC Sexual Assault Task Force (SATF) and/or CHOICE committees, provides sexual assault awareness presentations to assist in the prevention of sexual assault, rape and other sexual offenses. The presentations also provide information on local 24-hour victim assistance agencies, as well as provisions of the Illinois Sexual Assault Law.

Additional courses are coordinated through the Sexual Assault Task Force and the Call For Help Inc. representatives. Programming also includes preventive Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) training. RAD is a risk reduction and awareness concept, teaching women good safety options and choices.

Personal Safety

Provides personal safety measures that can be practiced in the college environment or during normal every day life. It includes topics such as being alert within your surroundings while:

  • Traveling
  • On campus
  • In parking lots
  • At home
  • While dating

Crime Theft Prevention

Discusses prevention measures and reporting procedures.

Alcohol/Drug Awareness Briefings/Information

Covers the causes and effects of the DWI driver and Alcohol Impact Simulation.

In 2007, various SWIC departments provided the following presentations and programs: RAD, Silent Witness (violence prevention), Personal Safety, Alcohol Impact Simulation, Red Ribbon Rally (drug awareness program for grade school children), crime prevention awareness through orientations and other specific requests, fire safety orientation. Departments also participated in other healthy lifestyle and wellness programs provided through the CHOICE Team on a monthly basis. It is estimated that more than 2,000 students, faculty, staff and community members attended the numerous programs offered.

The DPS participates actively in student and faculty orientations to provide information about the DPS and the services provided.

The DPS participates actively in student and faculty orientations to provide information about the DPS and the services provided.

Information Pamphlets and Handbooks

The DPS currently publishes additional pamphlets outlining crime prevention and personal safety tips, as well as a pamphlet for emergency procedures. Emergency Guides are published and located in each classroom and/or office area. The Emergency Guides outline crime reporting, natural and manmade emergency response procedures, etc. See the information on the DPS Web page or pick up a pamphlet located throughout SWIC’s facilities.
Student Newspaper (when published) and/or Employee Newsletter

Public safety information will be a recurring feature in the student newspaper and employee newsletter. The articles will feature safety and security tips.

Public Safety Tips

Various safety and security tips will be distributed periodically in the form of:

  • flier
  • and/or posted on bulletin boards
  • published in the college newspaper/newsletter
  • via email