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Right to Privacy-Family Educational Rights and Privacy (FERPA)

From Board Policy Code 4013

In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (P.L. 93-380 as amended by P.L. 93-568), Southwestern Illinois College students may review any of their records by completing a formal, written request at the Enrollment Services Office.

Students may ask for a hearing to seek correction of information contained in the records, to clarify their meanings, or to insert into the records the student’s explanation of the content of the record or a part thereof. Southwestern Illinois College considers the following to be a student’s directory information.

Student’s Directory Information

1. Name
2. Addresses
3. Enrollment Status (full time or part time)
4. Dates of attendance
5. Awards
6. Honors (including honor roll)
7. Degree(s) conferred (including dates)
8. Past and present participation in officially recognized sports and activities
9. Physical factors (height, weight of athletes)

The College may use directory information internally as well as release it without prior consent. Anyone may prevent disclosure of directory information by completing a Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information form available in the Enrollment Services Office. This request will remain in effect permanently unless the student submits a request in writing to have the non-disclosure request removed.

If a student does not specifically ask that directory information be withheld, the College will assume he or she approves of disclosure of that information. Southwestern Illinois College retains the right to exercise discretion in determining the release of directory information, limiting such releases to those relevant to college related business.

Currently enrolled students may request their directory information not be released without their written consent. For information regarding FERPA and Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information form visit the FERPA page on our website.