Report Concerning or Threatening Behaviors



DIAL 911

If you see behavior that indicates a potential for violence that concerns you or threatens anyone at Southwestern Illinois College, please call the SWIC Public Safety Department IMMEDIATELY at 618-222-5221 or dial 911 and report the behavior with information including location, date and time, persons involved, descriptions and witnesses. SWIC Public Safety Department is open 24/7.

Identifying Red Flag Behaviors in Students

It is the responsibility of faculty, staff and students to report Red Flag behaviors. Red Flag Behaviors may fall into two categories: (1) Immediate and (2) Concerning or Disruptive.

IMMEDIATE assistance

Below are examples of student behaviors that indicate the need for IMMEDIATE assistance:

  • Carrying or displaying a weapon.
  • Acts or threats of harm (verbal or written) to other individuals or property.
  • Suicidal thoughts, statements, gestures, threats or attempts.
  • Self-mutilating behaviors such as cutting or burning.
  • Intimidating behaviors, including inappropriate touching, harassment or stalking.
  • Loss of contact with reality such as hearing or seeing things that are not present.
  • Change in ability to speak and/or disorientation to time and place.
  • Disruptive behavior such as yelling or screaming uncontrollably, aggression or hostility.
  • Anxiety resulting in disruption to the environment.
  • Any words or conduct, such as intense anger, that cause fear for safety.

WHAT TO DO when IMMEDIATE assistance is needed:  Call Public Safety at ext. 5555 or dial 911.  After the emergency situation has been handled, complete a BEHAVIORAL INCIDENT REPORT. Upon receipt of the report, appropriate follow-up will be initiated by the CBITAT team. 

  • Behavioral Incident Report Form

    The Behavioral Incident Report is the document used to provide a standardized method for reporting all non-emergency Red Flag Behaviors of students or employees. This report will be reviewed to determine appropriate action and entered into a secure electronic tracking system to document patterns of disruptive or concerning behavior. In accordance with Southwestern Illinois College Board Policies, information provided in the Behavioral Incident Report may be considered in determining appropriate disciplinary action with students or employees.


    Faculty, staff and students have a responsibility to report any situation that is disruptive or concerning to the overall campus environment. For EMERGENCIES or incidents that involve criminal behaviors, contact Public Safety at ext. 5555 or dial 911.


    DIAL 911


    Please enter as much information as possible; the more information provided, the better informed College officials are in coordinating a response. Incomplete information may hamper College officials’ ability to follow-up and determine an appropriate course of action.
  • While anonymous reports are allowed, we strongly encourage you to provide your name and contact information so that we have the ability to follow up with you as needed. We greatly appreciate your assistance in helping us maintain a safe college environment.

    If you prefer to submit an anonymous or written report, please download the Behavioral Incident Report Form and mail it to Danielle Chambers, Chief Student Services Officer at 2500 Carlyle Ave. Belleville, IL 62221.


The Campus Behavioral Intervention/Threat Assessment Team or (CBITAT) is a team that responds to reports from the
campus community about concerning, disruptive or threatening behaviors.

CBITAT does not respond to emergencies. Call SWIC Public Safety at 618-222-5221 or dial 911 for immediate concerns.