SWIC offers payment and payment plan options to assist you in paying your tuition and fees. Each Business Office location handles all payments and payment arrangements.


SWIC will be moving away from paper bills. An e-mail billing notification will be sent to your official SWIC e-mail account. Check it often!

Student Obligation

Tuition and fees must be paid for each class, whether or not you attend, unless:

  • You drop the class in writing or online before or during the refund period in accordance with the refund policy, or
  • You receive written notice from the college that the class has been canceled.

Financial Responsibility Statement

By registering for classes at Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC), the student accepts full financial responsibility for payment of the term tuition and fees, as well as associated costs related to registration and/or other SWIC services, by the applicable deadlines. The student understands that should you default on your account, SWIC may use any and all means necessary to collect this debt in accordance with state and federal laws.  This may result in the referral of your SWIC account to an external collection agency, legal action by the college to collect the debt, and other financial consequences that the student is further responsible, which may include but are not limited to attorney's fees, late fees, and litigation costs associated with the collection of the debt.

Payments can be made:


Payments may be made by VISA, MasterCard, Discover or E-Check through your eSTORM account. Your student ID and e-mail address are required to process your payment. To view your account activity and make a payment, log in to eSTORM and go to your Student Center. 

NOTE: Payments processed through the Internet, IVR or mail when the college is closed, such as on weekends, holidays, an inclement weather closure, etc., will be posted to the student account on the next open business day.

Make an online payment through eSTORM.

Over the telephone 

Payments may be made over the telephone using Illinois E-Pay Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services by calling toll free 877-455-3729 (ILL-EPAY). Payments may be made by VISA, MasterCard, Discover or E-Check. Your student ID number and payment amount are required when you call.

Through the  Mail

Checks or money orders—Include the student's name and student ID number. Send to the Belleville Campus Business Office.

In Person—A valid photo ID is required with any form of payment

At any college Business Office location by:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • E-Check from checking or savings
  • VISA, MasterCard or Discover—accepted from the cardholder only

Failure to pay in full or to make the required down payment on a Tuition Payment Plan by your due date either online or at the Business Office (Belleville, Sam Wolf Granite City or Red Bud campuses or Scott Air Force Base) may result in your class(es) being dropped. You will be responsible for payment of ten (10) percent of the tuition amount.