TSP 2021 Archives - Southwestern Illinois College

Dance – Stephanie Campbell

Talent Statement:

“I created a dance/skit showing two of my various dance styles formal vs. street in the form of a dance off.”

– Stephanie Campbell

Submission Information

Title: Dance

Talent Name: Stephanie Campbell


Gymnastics – Amanda Cheney

Talent Statement:

“I have been competing in gymnastics since the second grade. I am excited to share my talent, and I hope all of you enjoy it as well!

– Amanda Cheney

Submission Information

Title: Gymnastics

Talent Name: Amanda Cheney


Great balls of fire – Duncan Quinn

Talent Statement:

Hey there, My name is Duncan. I have been whip cracking off and on for around six years. I am currently a full time welder and am enrolled here at SWIC to complete three welding certificates.

I have had a great experience with SWIC and the awesome welding teachers they employ.”

– Duncan Quinn

Submission Information

Title: Great balls of fire

Talent Name: Duncan Quinn


Twist & Turns – Trenity Daugherty

Talent Statement:

“I have been a competitive gymnast for 10 years. I finished at the highest level but sadly had to retire early because I tore my ACL and meniscus and had to have surgery.

I look forward to being on the SWIC Cheer team!

We got a bid to go to nationals and I am so excited I can be apart of such a great team and school!

I was never one of those kids that enjoyed going to school when I was younger, but I can definitely say that has changed this year.

This is my first year at SWIC and I can say I have enjoyed every second of it! I look forward to the years to come being at such a great college!

– Trenity Daugherty

Submission Information

Title: Twist & Turns

Talent Name: Trenity Daugherty


Get clean with it – Nick Keeney

Talent Statement

“I love doing trick shots with golf.”- Nick Keeney

Submission Information

Title: Nick Keeney – Get clean with it

Talent Name: Nick Keeney

Category: Performance