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2020 Commencement Lists



Lucas Ryuki Henson

Congratulations Lucas Ryuki Henson!

Graduation Statement

“During my few years at SWIC, I’ve been able to better prepare myself for my academic future.

When I first enter this community college, I was a very unorganized student who was very unmotivated to do well in my studies.

After discovering that the current program I was in wasn’t for me, I changed it to something that I was more passionate in. Combining that with visiting the Success Center for help and gaining skills that would make me a better student, I was able to turn myself around and take my education more seriously.

I went from mainly getting C’s and D’s to gaining A’s and B’s. I would like to thank the many professors I had classes with for taking the time to teach me and to work with me whenever I had questions regarding what we learned.

I also want to thank the staff at the Success Center for helping me and allowing me to have a place to quietly study and focus on my homework.

That being said, I hope everyone have been able to manage during these trying times and here’s looking forward to better times.” – Henson

Belleville, IL

Lucas Ryuki Henson

In the degree of

Associate in Arts