Accessing Your Account

Currently enrolled students may access the OWL by logging in to eSTORM. Once logged in, click Success Center OWL from the left-side navigation bar.

What is the OWL?

The Success Center Online Writing Lab provides access to writing tutors for Southwestern Illinois College students who have difficulty coming to a Success Center during normal operating hours. The OWL also offers a convenient alternative to on-site tutoring or students who are taking online classes for classes via extension centers.

If you have questions or do not receive a response, please email English Specialist Keli Tucker at

How It Works:

  • Tutors offer students feedback based on their questions and assignment details.
  • Comments are posted in papers and available for students to print.
  • Responses are returned to students via eSTORM, usually within two school days.
  • Tutors do not respond to papers on weekends or during college breaks.

General Guidelines:

  • Papers must be five pages or less (based on a standard double-spaced format).
  • Longer papers and complex research papers should be brought in to a Success Center.
  • The OWL does not retain a paper’s formatting, so tutors can’t evaluate those items.
  • Tutors can’t address specific questions about citations or reference page formatting.
  • Please spell-check papers before submitting them to the OWL.
  • Students can submit the same paper up to three times if it is revised significantly.
  • Please submit essays throughout the semester to avoid last minute multiple submissions.