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Develop Skills for Success 

1-on-1 coaching can help you harness your strengths and determine which short-term goals lead to lasting success.  

In coaching, students dig deep and explore their values, interests, personal strengths, and how they will achieve success. 

Holistic Support

Students face complicated challenges today: 

  • Many lose sleep to do homework. 
  • Some have doubts about the major they’ve chosen – or not chosen  
  • Others need a support team that understands the demands that college puts on a student’s time and mental energy 

These are just a few of the directions that Success Coaching may take.  The student chooses the priority. 

Coaching provides accountability as the student becomes the person who meets their goals, maintains motivation, and finds balance between school, work, family, and other life commitments. 

Navigate College

With a Success Coach, a student has the opportunity to design actions steps that align with their academic and career objectives while building connections on campus.   

Coaching provides support in eight key areas connected to academic success: Study Strategies, Major & Career Planning, Identity and Inclusion, Health and Wellness, Financial Advocacy, Networking and Support Systems, Time Management, and Motivation and Goals. 

Your coach can connect you to campus resources to understand financial aid, tuition, scholarships, and to explore major and career options that match your interests and strengths. 

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