ReadSpeaker - Southwestern Illinois College


Southwestern Illinois College employs ReadSpeaker text-to-speech software to help people interact with the information presented on the campus’ webpages in an auditory manner.

With ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech technology, the content on the website or the online learning platform, Blackboard, can be read aloud, providing an interactive learning experience. This functionality has two distinct modes of operation. Clicking on the listen button (see graphic)    will engage the text to read function, which is simultaneously read and highlighted for easy use. Conversely, clicking on the orange arrow will engage a tracking function, which will read the words the mouse cursor hovers over.

Additionally, there are no downloads to your computer. The software runs from a web-based server and is compatible with both Mac and PC’s. ReadSpeaker is also multi-lingual, enabling non-English-speaking students the ability to understand the content in their native language.

For information about accommodations for students with disabilities, contact the Disability & Access Center, 618-235-2700, ext. 5368 (voice), 618-234-3347 Telecommunications Device for the Deaf, E-Mail: or visit SWIC’s webpage at