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Procedures for Requesting and Receiving Accommodations

Printable flier: Procedures for Requesting and Receiving Accommodations

Disability Documentation Guidelines

In order to be eligible for accommodations at Southwestern Illinois College, students should contact the Disability & Access Center (DAC) for an individual intake appointment and guidance on the documentation needed for their individual circumstances. In addition to the interactive intake process with a DAC staff member, relevant documentation from external sources can help to substantiate the disability and the student’s need and eligibility for accommodations.

Documentation typically includes:

  • A description of the disability and its current impact on academic performance
  • Past use and effectiveness of accommodations used
  • Recommendations for accommodations that are based on functional limitations of the disability (Final determination of accommodations will be made by the Disability & Access Center staff and Southwestern Illinois College.)

Sources of documentation that may be helpful include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Medical records
  • Reports and assessments by psychologists and other health care providers
  • Educational documents that reflect education and accommodation history, such as an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and Summary of Performance (SOP)

NOTE: DAC staff can ask students to sign releases of information that allow educators, medical doctors, psychologists or other qualified professionals to send documentation to the DAC. For your convenience, and if needed, a printable “Request for Medical/Psychological Disability Verification” form is available that you can take to your medical or psychological professional. The DAC also can refer students to agencies or individuals who can provide diagnostic testing. The cost of an evaluation will be the student’s responsibility.

Additional important information:

  • Disability is defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act as an impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. Major life activities include, but are not limited to, seeing, hearing, walking, standing, lifting, speaking, learning, reading, concentrating, thinking, communicating and working.
  • Students are encouraged to make an intake appointment in the DAC if they think they may qualify for accommodations. In order to provide adequate time to obtain
    documentation and arrange for accommodations, it is recommended that students schedule an appointment 4-6 weeks prior to classes starting.
  • If students already have documentation, bring the information to your first intake appointment. The DAC may ask the student to provide additional information if the
    submitted documentation is incomplete or does not support the student’s request for accommodations.
  • If students do not have documentation regarding their disability, it is wise to still make an appointment in the DAC to explore options.
  • Southwestern Illinois College’s Disability & Access Center does not release or send third party information obtained for documenting disabilities that was created by high schools, physicians or any other specialists. Students should request this information from the original provider of information and keep a copy of the
    documentation for their personal records.
  • Documentation guidelines vary from one college/agency to another. Check with the specific college or organization to determine their documentation requirements.

For additional information or questions:
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Printable flier: DAC Documentation Guidelines.