Accommodating Student Veterans - Southwestern Illinois College

Welcome veterans! First, thank you for your service to our country.  Second, the Disability & Access Center would like to make your transition or return to SWIC as smooth as possible.

The DAC office provides individualized accommodations and support services for student veterans with disabilities.

What Veterans Have Said About the Disability & Access Center…

  • “The Disability & Access Center helped in many ways to accommodate me with my educational goals.” ~U.S. Air Force Sergeant, 4080-100SRW
  • “The DAC has provided services that have enabled me to be integrated back into the educational world leading to gainful employment.” ~U.S. Army Sergeant
  • “The Disability & Access Center has helped me tremendously.” ~U.S. Army Sergeant
  • “It’s working for me, so it can work for you, too.” ~U.S. Army Sergeant
  • “Being a veteran and going to school at age 53, you are never too old to learn. Always know you have alternatives to turn to such as the Disability & Access Center.” ~U.S. Army Sergeant
  • “Don’t let your pride get in the way. If you need help and you have limited things in your life that you can’t overcome, let the Disability & Access Center help you.” ~U.S. Army Sergeant
  • “I want to get the word out to my fellow veterans about the Disability & Access Center. They have programs that can help veterans and all people with disabilities, from extended test time to note takers. The Disability & Access Center has helped me to succeed, and they can help you, too. Make an appointment today!” ~U.S. Army Sergeant
  • “If you’re a veteran like me, you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. Just know this … if you have a disability from your service to our country, the Disability & Access Center can help you receive the tools to be successful. Don’t hesitate, set up an appointment today, and drive on!” ~U.S. Army Sergeant

How to Receive Disability & Access Center Services

Schedule an individual intake appointment with the DAC office by:

  • Calling 618-235-2700, ext. 5368, or TDD 618-234-3347
  • Emailing

Provide relevant documentation information. If needed, the staff can assist you in the process of obtaining disability-related paperwork.

Disability & Access Center Locations

  • Belleville Campus – Information Sciences Building, Room 1145
  • Red Bud Campus – Room 170
  • Sam Wolf Granite City Campus – Room 424