• Individual appointments: during this time, an ADA Accommodation Plan is developed or updated
  • Community agency and college referrals
  • Consultations with faculty and students
  • Accommodated testing and Testing Lab
  • Sign language interpreters for the deaf
  • Note takers/scribes/readers
  • Alternative format classroom textbooks and materials
  • Consultations with community agencies and students
  • Loan access equipment
  • Speech to text transcription
  • Access equipment/software and Access Lab
  • eSTORM access training
  • Early registration in conjunction with Enrollment Services


To qualify for accommodations, students must self-identify in the Disability & Access Center and provide appropriate written documentation of their disability from a qualified professional or agency. In order for accommodations to be in place when classes begin, contact the Disability & Access Center at least four to six weeks prior to the beginning of your first semester. Students with disabilities who are eligible for and want to use accommodations must contact the Disability & Access Center each semester.

Accommodations are approved by the Disability & Access Center’s professional staff based on the written documentation received from a qualified professional and the interactive process that occurs during the individual appointments. ADA Accommodation Plans, which describe needed classroom accommodations, will be developed with the student. The procedure for delivering the Plans will be discussed during individual appointments in the Disability & Access Center.