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Unofficial Transcript

Log into eSTORM, go into the Student Center and choose Unofficial Transcript from the dropdown box under Academics. If your degree has been awarded it will appear on the unofficial transcript under the Degrees Awarded section.

Official Transcript

Your official transcript is the official record of degree completion at Southwestern Illinois College. Transcripts are released only with your written consent. Please visit transcript information for the steps you can take to request your official transcript.


After successful completion of coursework is verified by Enrollment Services, diplomas are mailed to students.


It is the practice of Southwestern Illinois College to confirm or deny receipt of a degree over the telephone when requested. Typically these requests would come from potential employers, professional licensure agencies, or other colleges/universities.

However, we will provide this information without confirming the identity of the caller, as we have no way of making formal identification over the phone. We do not, under any circumstance, release grade or GPA information over the phone. Releasing any information aside from degree and/or enrollment status (full-time or part-time) requires your written consent and is never released over the phone.

If it is your preference that degree and/or enrollment status information is not released without your written consent, please submit a Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information Form.

A form may be obtained from Enrollment Services or you may submit your intentions in the form of a letter to the Enrollment Services office.

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