Grants - Southwestern Illinois College

Federal and State grants funds don’t have to be repaid by students. They are based on financial need and certain other requirements.

Federal Pell Grants

Grants are processed after all requested documentation is received. All documentation must be received prior to your last date of enrollment. Pell Grant funds may be used for tuition and fees, books and course-related supplies and other college-related expenses. Awards are based on:

  • Financial need
  • The expected family contribution (EFC) calculated by the federal government from information on your FAFSA
  • Your enrollment status in an eligible program
  • Your living arrangements

Tuition and fees will be deducted from the Federal Pell Grant if not paid by another source.

If your Pell awards exceed your tuition and fees, then you may use the excess to charge textbooks and supplies directly related to your courses at the campus bookstore, operated by Barnes and Noble, the week prior and the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters and the week prior and the first week of the summer session. A valid SWIC ID is required to receive a charge authorization. Further, keep the student copy of the completed charge authorization showing the total amount of your charge for your records.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG)

FSEOG awards are based on need. Verification requirements and deadlines are the same as for the Federal Pell Grant. Because funds for the grants are limited, priority is given to students with the greatest need who have completed their financial aid file by the priority deadline and are eligible to receive the Federal Pell Grant.

If you qualify for the FSEOG, the award amount will be included on your offer letter. FSEOG may be used for payment of tuition and fees and for other college-related expenses. Disbursement policies are likewise, the same as for the Federal Pell Grant.

It’s not to late to apply for FAFSA.

Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) Monetary Award Program (MAP)

The ISAC-MAP grant is based on need and Illinois residency. All verification requirements are the same as for the Federal Pell Grant. Most students must also verify their Illinois residency according to ISAC requirements. To apply, students complete the FAFSA indicating Illinois residency and attendance at SWIC by dates specified by ISAC. Students are encouraged to apply early due to limited funding!

Students will be notified of their eligibility. The MAP grant has specific deadlines for receiving payment. The deadline may be prior to the end of the semester. Payment cannot be made after the deadline. Contact ISAC or the Financial Aid Office for these semester-specific deadlines.

The ISAC MAP Grant may be used for tuition only, in-district costs up to 15 eligible credit hours or the amount of your offer (whichever is less). Consequently, ISAC MAP Grant will not cover course, lab or miscellaneous fees, book and/or supply charges, some noncredit courses or ineligible programs. Current year MAP Grant awards have been prorated.

Payment processing is a credit to the student’s account. If tuition was paid by another source, a refund will be made to the source of payment. The credit is posted as soon as the Financial Aid and Student Employment Office has received official notification of the student’s eligibility; actual disbursement of funds can vary. Contact the Financial Aid Office for specific dates.

All MAP grant recipients are encouraged to carefully review the Monetary Award Program Rights & Responsibilities document.

Other ISAC Programs

Illinois Veteran Grant (IVG)
This award is not based on need. Basically, it covers tuition and certain fees for courses taken at state funded institutions by a qualified Illinois veteran. Consequently, if you are eligible to receive the IVG, you may not receive MAP. Contact the Veterans Services Office at your campus or ISAC’s website at applications, Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards and more detailed information.

MIA/POW Scholarships
This award is not based on need and covers tuition for dependents of Illinois residents who are missing in action, died while in the military or from a service-related disability or are at least 90 percent disabled. Applications are available in the Veterans Services Office at your campus or on the Internet at

Illinois National Guard Scholarships
This award is not based on need and covers tuition for Illinois reservists on active duty status who have served at least one year. A completed application must be submitted to the Illinois Student Assistance Commission for each academic year. Applications may be obtained by contacting the Illinois Student Assistance Commission at You must apply online.

SWIC has deadlines established by ISAC for requesting payment on a student’s behalf. Information on Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards is in this booklet and available in the Financial Aid and Student Employment Office.

FA Offers/Disbursement Policies

Federal Pell Grant and FSEOG, ISAC MAP and Loans
(For awarding/disbursement policies for other programs, refer to the information concerning that program in this handbook or call the Financial Aid Office.)


After your financial aid file is complete and we verify your eligibility, a financial aid offer is made when. It is shown on your offer letter and appears as anticipated on your billing statement. An offer does decrease the amount of tuition and/or fees you owe, but it does not create a credit balance until disbursed. Financial aid awards will be adjusted for enrollment status changes according to the policy statement found in this handbook. To view the detail of charges and credit posted to your student account, log in to your Student Center in eSTORM.

Remember: Adding a class may not increase your award(s), however, dropping a class and class cancellations will probably decrease your award(s).


Disbursement occurs when the Financial Aid funds are credited to the amount you owe SWIC (tuition, fees and book charges). If the disbursement amount exceeds the amount owed, a credit balance will occur. Credit balances are sent to the student in the form of a refund check within 14 days of the date the credit balance occurs. Refund checks are mailed to the address on file with Enrollment Services. Checks will not be held for pickup. To view disbursement information, log into your Student Center in eSTORM.

Contact the Financial Aid and Student Employment Office for assistance with lost checks. It takes a minimum of five working days to stop payment and replace a check. A stop payment request will not be made until 14 days have passed since the mailing date of the check.

Cash and Credit Card Refunds

Students expecting a refund of cash and/or credit cards should speak to the Business Office about when to expect the refund.

Contacting Financial Aid

Students who have questions about grants or documents to submit can email the Financial Aid, Veteran Services, and Student Employment Office (FAO) any time. The FAO will respond to all emails in the order received during regular business hours.