SAP Appeal Process: What You Need to Know

When submitting a SAP appeal it is helpful to know what the process is. This page will inform you of the SAP appeal process.

SUBMISSION: 1st day of enrollment for the semester

DEADLINE: Last day of the semester (i.e. last day of finals)

  • Firstly, all appeal decisions will be communicated through your SWIC student email account.
  • The processing of your financial aid will be delayed until a committee decision has been made.
  • You are responsible for tuition, fees, and books throughout the appeal process.
  • You must have a documented extenuating circumstance that addresses each semester that has contributed to your current suspension status (dates of documentation must coincide with the semesters in question).
  • Incomplete appeal packets will not be evaluated by the committee and the student will be notified.
  • Your appeal will be reviewed by the SAP Appeal Committee. As a result, the committee’s decision is final.
  • The review process at a minimum is a 1 to 2-week process.

Starting the Appeal Process

Students may start the appeal process by completing the appropriate appeal request form. It is important to note that follow up appeal are required to meet with an Academic Advisor prior to submitting their appeal.