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Amazing Grace – Rendition by Jermaine Windham

Talent Statement

Hello! My name is Jermaine Windham. I attended SWIC in order to finish off my gen eds and transfer my credits to a university. I love to both write and sing, and I am planning on double majoring in both Business Administration & Communications! With the challenges we have been facing this tough year,

I thought deeply about how I wanted to showcase my talents for this talent show. I decided to go with a song that I’ve known about for as long as I could remember. A song that highlights the value of hope in times where it may be easy to lose one’s self and believe that all hope is lost.

It’s a powerful song with a deep meaning that I believe could help heal some feelings of fear and despair that some may be feeling during these strenuous times. I hope you all enjoy my rendition of Amazing Grace! Please take care of yourselves and be safe.” – Windham

Submission Information

Title: Amazing Grace: Rendition by Jermaine Windham

Talent Name: Jermaine Windham

Category: MUSIC