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How to do a heavy set 101! – Jacob Beckett

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Talent Statement

“Hello! My name is Jacob Beckett! I’m a producer, DJ, and proud headbanger (Oops, probably should’ve left part that out! Ha ha!)! I’ve been making electronic music for several years, however I decided to go to S.W.I.C as a ridiculously cheap and practical way to start on my bachelor’s degree (although I’m really only getting my bachelor’s degree as a precautionary measure; as in the worst happened and I don’t end up where I want to be; degrees are absolutely useless in my field.) for electronic music composition.

I also like learning new things too, so I have no problem being here whatsoever! This year could not have impacted college freshmen like me any worse than it already has, and I cannot wait to show even more lovely lads what I can do under my moniker Metronoid once this crisis ends! Until then though, enjoy my clip! I figured I may as well introduce to you all how I would approach a set (if someone hires me for a rowdy club, I.E the crowd likes heavier music genres). – Beckett

Songs played: Metronoid – The Juggler Tengraphs – Rippers (VIP)

Submission Information

Title: How to do a heavy set 101!

Talent Name: Jacob Beckett

Category: MUSIC