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Art In Pencil – Abigail Markel

Talent Statement

It draws on one of my favorite art themes ever, the Danse Macabre. It’s a concept from the Middle Ages, which was often depicted by a skeletal figure dancing with several different people, obviously drawn as having come from multiple walks of life. The idea embodied by the Danse Macabre is that we are all simply dancing our way to the grave. I took that concept and twisted it into the Macabre Dance, choosing to draw a ballet dancer wearing a spiky crown and a fang earring, made up to look like a skeleton. The expression of hope on her face shows that one day, all people will be equal in more than just death.

– Abigail Markel

Submission Information

Title: Art In Pencil – Abigail Markel

Talent Name: Abigail Markel

Category: ART