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The Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board (ILETSB) Intern Program is perfect for Veterans seeking a career in law enforcement.

This program has been developed in response to law enforcement administrators seeking a pool of trained and certified candidates available for service. It is ideal for veterans seeking a career in law enforcement. Successful Intern applicants attend a basic law enforcement training academy and, upon passing the State Certification examination, will receive ILETSB State Certification. Interns are integrated into classes with sworn officers and receive the same training. The Intern application process is currently available at Southwestern Illinois Police Academy. This program is for Illinois residents only and seats are limited. Applicants must have valid Illinois driver’s license and Illinois Firearms Owner Identification card.

  • Tuition covered by Illinois Veteran’s Grant and GI Bill® for qualified applicants. In some cases housing and other costs can be covered too.
  • 90-95% of Interns (1/3 are Veterans), have been hired as part-time or full-time peace officers.
  • Receive college credit that may be applied to Southwestern Illinois College’s Administration of Justice AAS Degree.
  • Police Agencies grant Veteran’s and Education Preference Points in accordance with 65 ILCS 5/ Article 10-1-16.

Find out more about more information and how to apply for the ILETSB Intern Training Program below.

Success stories from Veterans who attended the ILETSB Intern Program at SWIC:

CPO William C. Mueller #491

Illinois Conservation Police
Region II District IV

I attended the ILETSB Intern Program in 2009.  Shortly after graduating I was employed full-time by the Steeleville Police Department in Randolph County.  I was also a part-time Randolph County Sheriff’s Deputy.  After three years working full-time for Steeleville I decided to further my career and applied to the IDNR Conservation Police.  When I tested for IDNR, it was the first class they were hiring in nearly 7 years and the testing process was very competitive.  I directly attribute my success in the hiring process to my prior police experience, which would not have been possible without the ILETSB Intern Program.  As many applicants experience, getting your foot in the door at a department can be hard.  Especially for smaller departments without a budget to pay for recruit training.  The intern program offers the opportunity for aspiring applicants to earn their certificate and make themselves more marketable in a very competitive profession.  I can honestly say without a doubt in my mind, I may not be where I am today if it wasn’t for the ILETSB Intern Program.  If you have any further questions for me feel free to send them my way, I’m always happy to help.” 

Deputy C. Boling

Williamson County Sheriff’s Office 

The ILETSB Intern Program I feel gave me a great advantage in the hiring process.  It put me leaps and bounds above other applicants. The Southwestern Illinois Police Academy is a great institution and I believe without the ILETSB Intern Program I would not be where I am today.”

Contact information:

Office: 618-222-5396
Address: 2300 West Main Street, Belleville, IL 62226