Basic Arson Investigator - Southwestern Illinois College

Application, Requirements and Course Information

Admission Procedures for the Basic Arson Investigator Course

This course is for firefighters (not law enforcement officers) seeking state certification as Arson Investigators. 


Tuition is $2283 and includes housing and meals (does not include transportation).  Attendees may pay the tuition fee personally, but must be enrolled by the training officer or other command officer from their agency and meet the below requirements.


  • Employed by a local governmental agency or the Office.  
  • Successful completion of the Fire Investigator Course (see Section 141.334).
  • Submit a letter of approval from their Fire Chief to attend the course and acknowledging that the attendee will be attending firearms training.
  • Have a valid Illinois Firearm Owner’s Identification card.

Course Length

200 Hours

Application to be posted soon.

BAI 2024

Application Deadline  TBA
Week 1  Tentatively September 23- September 27, 2024
Week 2  Tentatively September 30- October 4, 2024
Week 3  Tentatively October 14- October 18, 2024
Week 4   Tentatively October 21- October 25, 2024
Week 5  Tentatively November 4- November 8, 2024

Contact information

Office: 618-222-5396
Address: 2300 West Main Street, Belleville, IL 62226