Programs of Study Templates - Southwestern Illinois College

Programs of Study

Programs of Study are sequences of courses that incorporate a non-duplicative progression of secondary and postsecondary learning, beginning in high school and continuing seamlessly into college, allowing for dual credit opportunities and leading to industry recognized credentials, certificates, and associate degrees.  The Programs of Study Templates below are available for download in either Microsoft word or excel formats.  The templates are designed to be edited and customizable for each student who is interested in pursuing a Program of Study offered by Southwestern Illinois College in order to transition successfully from secondary to postsecondary education.

Career Cluster Framework

The Illinois Career Cluster Framework is a system for organizing occupations and industries beginning at the broadest level with essential knowledge and skills, then further classifying CTE Categories, Career Clusters within categories, Career Pathways within clusters, and the individual Programs of Study within each pathway. Each Program of Study below belongs to a pathway and cluster, identified on each template.

Program of Study Templates